CEM 21 No. 59 2014, Social Media

When it comes to Social Media, specifically Facebook, I am increasingly frustrated by the implicit desire to perpetuate failure by those responsible for the platform.

Facebook, which is infamous for its lack of customer service, for its undeniable deficiency of customer-oriented support, continues to do things to its Social Media platform that defy logic and reason.

For example, the use of Javascript that causes many browsers to “freeze” and interrupt the pleasure Facebook might otherwise provide. For example, the insistence of recommended pages appearing on your Facebook page that negatively affect how quickly the page loads. For example, the less-than friendly design and navigation of the overall page that is Facebook.

I am not alone in my frustrations. An increasing number of people I know, who have Facebook pages, have made it known they are going to cancel their Facebook accounts because of problems that go unresolved because Facebook does not have customer service and has no intention of providing customer service.

From a personal perspective I fail to understand why Facebook does what it does when there is so much potential in the platform, and because I believe success is a better path than failure.

Much has been said of late about the probable demise of Facebook for these reasons as well as many others, and because Facebook has done nothing publically or private to address there is sufficient reason to believe it will cease to exist in the next five to seven years.

Accepting this fate as a likely one there comes a natural question: What comes after Facebook? What could provide the same Social Media platform but without all the problems that currently exist? Will there be a Social Media platform that learns from the mistakes and failures of Facebook?

There’s the rub, I think: Social Media, from the outset, has not been about being user-friendly. It has been about socializing – whatever that constitutes.

But I remain optimistic: I believe Social Media, like other technologies, will evolve and grow accordingly.

It is just a matter of when and how.


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